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A Real Pain

Chronic pain can be one of the most debilitating conditions in

daily life. It is known to be both physically and emotionally

exhausting. Associated direct medical costs are staggering!

Did you know chronic pain sufferers are three times more likely to develop depression? It can impact mental health, heighten emotions, and create severe anxiety. Biochemical changes in the brain are resulting from uncontrolled chronic pain. These responsive chemical and physical changes of the brain can have serious impacts on specific functions of the brain. This deeply affects the mental health of chronic pain patients.

All said, chronic pain is a heavy burden for the sufferer and those that

surround them. Controlling your pain is the ultimate goal to ensure quality of life. Understanding the pain and the underlying cause is important. It is also important to characterize and log a daily diary outlining the severity of the pain, which may vary. Mild, mild to moderate, moderate, moderate to severe, and severe. A pain scale of 1–10 is also a common way to characterize pain severity. Note the location, time, and severity in your log book. This will help you and your physician understand your conditions. Getting a handle on quantifying pain severity and location is essential.

New laws limit access to opioid pain medications. Unfortunately,

many patients report that they are in pain after seeing their physician

as doctors are reluctant to prescribe a medication that will take the pain away. They cite addictive potential, and side effects-like constipation and nausea. Many pain sufferers are turning to CBD as an alternative option over prescription medicines, and the majority of those are finding relief from their symptoms.

CBD from hemp has shown to provide a powerful anti-inflamma-

tory and soothing neurological effects, and a variety of other important benefits. Medical Mary CBD is third party content certified and vegan friendly. The products are made with high quality CBD sourced from hemp grown on American farms. This diverse line includes oils, capsules, drinks, beauty, topicals, gummies, CBD for pets, and more.

When using CBD, it is important to know the differences between full

spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate and which is more effective for

you. Varying degrees of pain and body mass can impact the necessary

dosage. Ground breaking research from Israel published in 2015 con-

cluded that the synergistic effects of a full spectrum cannabinoid profile are superior. The study concluded that full spectrum CBD hemp was more effective in the treatment of inflammatory conditions in mice than molecule CBD/hemp isolate. This full spectrum benefit is commonly referred to as the entourage effect. Unfortunately there are many users who cannot have any THC due to being subject to drug testing. Until recently an isolated form of CBD from hemp was the only option for these users.

Today, broad spectrum products have entered the market, enabling this group to also experience the entourage effect. These products offer maximum therapeutic potential without the risk of THC exposure.

As your local distributor of Medical Mary Products, staff at Kipling

Lavender—a local family farm business—is happy to address your

individual questions and health concerns in a professional manner.

Quality Hemp derived CBD may help address common symptoms

that impede your daily activity, and overall wellbeing We have many

satisfied customers and offer one on one confidential consultation and specific recommendations to address your needs. Kipling Lavender can provide local delivery or can ship direct to you.

Watch for our RETAIL SHOP grand opening announcement, located on site at the farm, showcasing Kipling Lavender hand-curated products and high quality Medical Mary CBD brand offerings.

Disclaimer: Through 23,000 studies, a wide variety of CBD hemp benefits have been dis- covered and not a single negative side effect. Currently FDA approved indications for CBD use exists in Lennox Gasteaux Syndrome related seizures and Dravet syndrome. No claims

are made for CBD efficacy or safety in any of the areas mentioned in the above article.

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