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Current happenings across our great country and the globe have

many of us uptight and laden with anxiety. Covid-19, social

distancing, PPD devices, rioting, looting, the list goes on. I’m

starting to get anxious even talking about it! Add all this to the perils of keeping our daily lives in order and we have what is referred to medically as anxiety. Many of us have it worse than others and everyone handles it differently. Some seek medication. Some simply deal with it. Many lose sleep over it to the point of becoming unhealthy.

What if I told you there’s an all natural solution to ease your anxiety,

with no known side effects? Would you be interested? Well, there is!

Studies show quality CBD products, dosed by the milligram, at specific intervals, as a viable solution to help ease our anxious lives. CBD binds very well with our serotonin receptors in our brains, which helps to alleviate two major symptoms—anxiety and insomnia (sleep disorders).

What is CBD?

Have you tried it for a medical condition? Did it

help? Maybe you’ve shied away from it because of it’s origin? CBD

comes from a hemp plant. Hemp is native to our soils. It’s all natural!

CBD is one individual cannabinoid of many cannabinoids that are

extracted from a hemp plant for their medical qualities. THC is another cannabinoid extracted from hemp. THC is the psycho-active cannabinoid that creates the “high or euphoric effect.” THC can be extracted completely from the plant. CBD can also be extracted completely from the plant. CBD products can be “THC Free” and CBD products can legally contain up to .3% THC. That’s 1/3 of one percent. CBD with THC (Full Spectrum) products are offered for more serious health conditions. THC also has very good medical qualities, although most of us wouldn’t require this for our anxiety symptoms. But then again, some may. THC Free CBD products are available in two different forms. CBD (Isolate) which is just CBD and CBD (Broad Spectrum) which is CBD plus all the other cannabinoids from the hemp plant minus the THC. THC has been extracted. Many feel Broad Spectrum CBD is the most beneficial for a range of health conditions including anxiety.

For those that have tried CBD with no success, we feel your pain,

literally! The CBD market is unregulated. People can actually mix

something up, put a label on it, and sell it in a gas station. The regula-

tions on CBD are coming. But they’re not here yet. Finding quality

pharmaceutical grade CBD can be a challenge with no regulations.

Finding a trusted source can also be hard. Kipling Lavender, a family

owned and operated Lavender Farm in McDonough County Illinois,

has partnered with Medical Mary (Voted #1 CBD company at the

national CBD convention in Las Vegas 2019). We’re proud to offer

high quality, pharmaceutical grade CBD products that are third party

tested in FDA approved labs to the area residents. We’ve thoroughly

educated ourselves on our products and the effects on the human

body for certain ailments including anxiety, pain, inflammation, and

insomnia. Many times these symptoms overlap. You may have pain

which causes your anxiety. Your anxiety creates your insomnia. Your

inflammation creates your pain. You get the picture!

Why suffer from anxiety or any of the other symptoms above when

there’s a safe, all natural solution with zero side effects? Who knows

what July, August, and the rest of the year has in store for us. Stay

healthy, safe, and anxiety free!

As your local distributor of Medical Mary Products, staff at Kipling

Lavender—a local family farm business—is happy to address your

individual questions and health concerns in a professional manner.

Quality Hemp derived CBD may help address common symptoms

that impede your daily activity, and overall wellbeing. We have many

satisfied customers and offer one on one confidential consultation

and specific recommendations to address your needs. Kipling Laven-

der can provide local delivery or can ship direct to you.

Watch for our retail shop grand opening announcement, located onsite at the farm, showcasing Kipling Lavender hand-curated products and high quality Medical Mary CBD brand offerings.

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